Shondaland: Malina Moye Wants You to Know That You Are ‘Enough’

Need some positive vibes? Crank up your speakers and check out Moye’s new, super empowering song. Musician-actress Malina Moye knows what it’s like to not have enough. “I came to Cali with $20 and I was homeless,” she says of the time after her 2004 move to Los Angeles.

But despite the ups and downs of her nearly 15-year journey to becoming a Billboard No. 1-charting recording artist — her 2018 release, Bad As I Wanna Be topped the Blues chart — one thing Moye has refused to question is whether she herself is enough. “I know my worth, I know I matter, I know I count. That’s it. There is so much power in saying ‘I am enough.'”

And now with the release of the video for her latest single, Enough, the virtuoso guitarist, singer, and star of the 2018 film The Samuel Project, is out to spread that empowering message to others. To that end, Moye’s also launching the #IAMENOUGH campaign, which asks people to post a photograph of themselves on social media from April 29 to May 4 with the hashtag #IAMENOUGH — all in the hopes of inspiring everyone to reclaim their power.