THE CURRENT EXCLUSIVE: Malina Moye reinvents the Minneapolis Sound on ‘Enough’


As an internationally known artist, Malina Moye has a lot going for her right now, but many people might not know that she has a Minnesota connection.


Although she was born in Ohio, Moye and her family moved to Minneapolis when she was still fairly young. Growing up in a musical family, there were always well-known artists stopping by their home; they would also spend time jamming with Moye and her cousins and inspire them to keep working on their craft.


“Imagine like actually being a kid, jamming in the basement with George Clinton, Babyface,” she says. “This was just normal. So people always say, ‘How did you get your music like this?’ Well that was just a normal everyday thing for us. We had to go to school up in the day but, my mom, it was a very strict policy — school, we would eat and then it was in the basement, practice.”


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