PARADE MAG EXCLUSIVE: Malina Moye Delivers Guitar Magic and Attitude on ‘Bad As I Wanna Be’

Driving distorted guitars? Powerful hooks? A message of empowerment? Check, check, check. Guitarist Malina Moye lays it all out on her new EP, Bad As I Wanna Be, our exclusive premiere today. Releasing on May 23, this collection of six funkified tracks offers raucous, pop-infused rocker attitude with a bit of feminine flair. Moye has proven herself once again as an über talented, electric guitar powerhouse.



“When I was writing this record I kept coming back to a celebration of self. I had an experience that made me feel that I didn’t matter and didn’t count as a black female guitarist,” Moye shares. “So I started writing.”


“One of the most powerful tools that comes from being an artist is your voice and having the platform to use it,” she continues. “You can have all the talent in the world, but when you are inspired because of something that’s happened to you, there’s nothing more powerful as a songwriter. It’s sad to think that being born a certain way could be the reason why you aren’t looked at or judged fairly, in a certain light. So I decided right then and there that I am somebody, and I matter, and I count exactly the way I am. In other words I’m ‘enough’ just like the track from this record. So I thought if that person could hear this album, he might feel where I’m coming from and see a different perspective. And maybe in the future, he would add some colors to his life.”


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