Guitar World Magazine Ranks Malina Moye’s ‘Dirty’ in the Top 5 Albums of 2023

Malina Moye has one of the best guitar tones going. And it is like she is not even making a secret of it, telling the director of her music videos to get in all tight to the amp for a close-up on those tubes. 

She uses a Gibson Flying V and a Fender Stratocaster. All of these things are readily available if you have the green, but reproducing the sounds we hear on Dirty is gonna take more than raising money and acquiring the tools. 

There are all kinds of little subtleties in Moye’s playing, which is good, because this game is all about the phrasing. There’s the way she might embellish a chord. She’s the sort of player for whom one note can change the whole feel of the recording, that squirrelly fuzzy lead tone hightailing it over the jam in search of it.

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