Tony Tone Toni, Lyfe Jennings

September 22nd, 2010

Malina Moye w-Dwayne Wiggins

Malina Moye w-Lyfe Jennings

I had a great time going out these last dates. I had a chance to experience a cities i have passed thru many times but never had the chance to really see. I should say several of them. The Heritage and Roots festival was great. It  was a sea of people thousands and thousands. It was also good to see Dwayne Wiggins who gave me my first TV appearance. They rocked as you know only the 3 T’s can do it. I wanted to thank Tee dee young and his band for backing me up in Kentucky. U r incredible !! In San Fran at the independent with Lyfe Jennings as he says always keep it 100. I really enjoyed working with him and what a nice gentleman. I didn’t know he was soo tall but man can he sing his but off. I’m soo feeling the statistic song.  Big Congrads to him for scoring the number 6 album in the country. check out some of the pics above… Up next Minnesota. Also thank u to Foster idol I had a great time performing and look forward to it again soon.

see u next time



September 22nd, 2010

I want to say that We have lost a true leader ,an angel,brother, friend and to Denise a husband and Justin a dad. Lee Haymore was a very dear friend of mine. He also manged me  for a while with one of my deals out of NYC. Lee was the most positive person in the world and when all seemed dull and far from becoming a reality Lee always stood strong in faith. I remember my first trip to NYC Lee picking me up from the airport and heading over to the office were we stayed up til the next morning talking about conquering the world.I’ll miss  all the studio sessions, phone calls for hours. My favorite memory of all was counting out 25 cents so we could go get hamburgers from McDonalds. Lee u r the best!!! I’m still in shock that you are gone, it was less than 10 days ago i told u i would be coming to NYC.  Some how NYC wont be the same. You believed in me when i didn’t believe, you feed me when i didn’t have money, you made me believe that everything is possible. I remember all the birthdays, the management office, the summer days, Ruby Tuesday mushroom burgers with Dijon mustard. You left me with soooo many great memories that I will cherish til i see u again in  what i hope will be heaven. I dedicated my show 2 u in San Francisco. I hope you could here the cheers for you. I could feel u smiling down on us!!! Thank u 4 helping to make me the person, the artist, and woman i am 2day.  I LOVE U !!!!!!!!

Eric Clapton’s crossroads, George Benson and Mr Stevie Wonder

July 1st, 2010

I must say the last 30 days of my life have been incredible to say the least. I had the chance to perform and play with some of the biggest and most influential artists of all time. I just got back from Crossroads which was unbelievable, The best of the players for 12 hrs, my ears are shot. I meet some unbelievable people guitar gods  and great people period like the Dunlop’s. That would of course be the pedal God- Jim Dunlop. If you are a guitarist you can not be a player with out one of his pedals.

Malina with Jim Dunlop at Buddy Guy's Legends

I’ve got tons of shots, Jamming on stage and performing at Eric clapton’s crossroads festival village with some of the people I’ve loved for years. I also had the chance to hang -out with Mr George Benson  at the hollywood bowl who is mind blowing. We capped the night off with a late dinner at the Peninsula hotel  with the  great Earl Klugh and his family. Having the chance to share my music with Patrice Rushen, Bill Cosby, Steve Lukather, Esperanza Spalding so many more.

Malina Moye and Stevie Wonder

Malina Moye and Stevie Wonder

It has been amazing, then to have the chance to jam and play by special request  for Mr Stevie Wonder. Wowow!!! I’m still smiling.

Steve Lukather and Malina Moye at George Benson's show Hollywood Bowl backstage

Jamming and getting a guitar lesson from the great Eric Gales, at 8:30 in the morning. Thank u Buddy Guy for a great time at Legends, Bernard Allison is definitely in the top 10 of guitar player’s in the world  Jesus!! he is bad.. Jeff Beck Some where over the rainbow was killer and Rhonda did her thing as always! I also enjoyed playing and having a great time.If you caught some of the performance feel free to post the video footage. I still cant believe it! I would also like to take this time to thank  the following sponsors for the additional Chicago crossroads festival Performances. We were originally scheduled to do a clinic for crossroads and due to scheduling it was cancelled –  Applebees, Marriott, Bettina Design & Consulting and the angels. Thank u 4 believing me and continuing to support my musical efforts!! Check out some of the shots below. stay tuned for me next single and my new campaign for smooch. Hope u enjoy—- Also one yr anniversary for my Michael Jackson. RIP


Photo Shoots for Clothing Campaign And Artist of The Year!

April 27th, 2010

Hello everyone- i wanted to start of with giving love and hugs to all of you and say thank you for believing in me and having fun. Here are some kool highlights that i’d like to address

RIP Dorothy Height

Dorothy Height
1912 – 2010

Civil Rights Activist Dorothy Height passed away at age 98. This woman contributed a lot to to the civil right movement to learn more about her click here.

Also, I did a huge photo shoot for a clothing line which i will reveal next month (hint). It was along day but a lot of fun!!  I also want to wish Bret Michaels form Poison a speedy recovery. I met him once at A&M studious on La Brea in a recording session–really sweet guy.  Tons of love hugs and prayers to him and his family. Don’t forget Earth day was 4-22-10!! do your part and help to keep the planet safe. Don’t forget to go to my facebook page and check out new pics at Fender HQ and the photo shoot. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to cast your vote for Channel One’s Artist of the Year (see below)!! Sign up for merch giveaways, autographed pictures and more click here at

see u on the road!!!!


Funk Legends Pay Tribute to ‘Queen of Funk’ Mallia Franklin

March 17th, 2010

Happy March. I wanted to share this amazing experience that took place at the Conga room 3-8-2010.  Funky-ness here Funky-ness there Funky-ness everywhere. Bootsy Collins and some friends had a memorial tribute to the Queen of Funk. Okay so Bootsy’s friends are George Clinton, Sheila E, Blackbird, the rest of the Funkenstein brides, The Parlets, Jamie Foxx’s Fox Hole players–more funk than I can count and little ol’ me Malina Moye of course. We had the chance to jam together sending off the Queen of funk- Mallia Franklin family funk style. Mallia Franklin, for those of you who haven’t had the chance to hear or see this beast of a singer, was vocally amazing and spiritually a very very sweet person. I remember when my brothers and I were kids, she and George Clinton would come to our house back in MN and my mom would cook southern home cooked meals and she would share all these amazing stories about music, life, and love, and it was always preceded by a jam with our family. Here is a clip of Bootsy calling Sheila E to the stage, as she takes her place and gives the drums a whipping. That girl on the Funk-tar is your’s truly Malina Wah MoyeBootsy had the crowd to its feet singing the classic “We want the Funk.” After a great night of jamming  (Click here), something spectacular took place, that I will reveal later (trust me its good!!!)

I also wanted to thank Work Custom Jeans–OMG!!! One of my favorite new jeans check out their website at Work Custom Jean. You guys rock, I will post some pictures of the new gear they sent as i wear them out on tour but for now check out their website! Tell them Malina sent you! They are so form fitting yet comfy and the jean texture is amazing–my favorite right now is the Moto Zip in Manhattan. I’ll sport them on the morning show!! Also have some great news to announce!! I said that didn’t I, But I dooooooo!!!

I also had the pleasure of hanging out on the “My Uncle Rafael” movie set, directed by Marc Fusco who is a big part of the WCE team (he directed my video ‘Alone’). Congrads Marc you rocked and your film is going to be oh sooooo good. I met some cool people and left there with friends. The film stars the ‘Armenian Tyler Perry’ of our time Vahik Pirhamzei, Missi Pyle, John Michael Higgins, Anthony Clarke, Rachel Blanchard, and there is a young boy by the name of Sage Ryan, he will leave u speechless. My family came out to the location and my two brothers Twhy and Junebug from Conrtist also have a great song in the movie!!! U will have to go and see it!

52nd Grammy Awards

February 3rd, 2010

Okay let me say this calmly The GRAMMMMMMMMYS!! everything I’ve dreamed about as  a little girl was right b4 me 1-31-10 @ 5pm pacific time. What an exciting event and time.This was my first year as an academy voting member and My first year with several of the songs from the Diamonds & Guitars record which  were up for consideration for this years Grammys. This was so surreal. My team and I have been working very hard and it was an amazing time. My dad was my date this year. Arrival was insane, as soon as we stepped on  the Red carpet everyone was there from to the whole BEP crew. Usher was very kind and came over to say hi to me and my dad George Moye. It was very kool meeting Tony Bennett. He was very gracious and kind. Talk about legends. Jason Mraz and I chopped it up a bit. He told me congrads and that his date was his dad as well. When Dave Matthews and his band stopped to say hello they were Gangsta. I mean i wanted to be in his band. Just had the air of we are the isch!. I must say, I was sooooooo happy to be wearing Kevan Hall. Jai  who is amazing is my stylist. She made it happen. Stank u Jai . Kevan is an amazing designer and among the elite in world, No wonder we made the glamour girls Best dressed List at the 52nd Grammy awards this year. Next year will be great!!! Pink you are so kind and what a performance I also want to send out a big angel hug and tons of kisses to Ms Jane Fusco(.RIP) We love u and you will be missed dearly. I will see you everyday in Marc!  Check out pics here!


January 19th, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone. Last year was amazing. I meet some incredible people, and had life changing experiences. Im ready for 2010 a new decade. It will rock!! Lets start of with NAMM. I loved it, It’s like running in to all your pals and playing catch-up. My dad GEorge Moye came in to town as well as my brothers T-why and Junebug from Conrtist. Dre Ghost  Tania, and Jessica Rabbit were also in the house. It was a lot of fun to go with my family, to JAM, and of course see what new gear is coming out. Big shout out to carl harvey bad a$$ guitarist. I’ve posted pic, and I have video footage to follow. So many great items to post about. I think i really like the fender blues driver Amp, as well. Check out the pics below. Great to see Sheila E, Bootsy collins  Warren G. and jonathan moffettt. MJ’s drummer. Thanks Sheila E, That was very very kind what u said to my dad. It made my heart smile. Thanks to all the new people I meet! Allison U rock. the best straps in the biz check her out

Orianthi and Tyler Bryant I heard u guys killed it on Saturday.

Malina at Fender booth at NAMM 2010

Malina at Fender Booth at NAMM 2010

Malina at Boss booth in NAMM

Malina at Boss booth in NAMM

Sheila E and Malina M

Sheila E and Malina M

Malina and Bootsy Collins

Malina with George Moye (aka Dr. Funk), T-Why and Junebug.

Malina with Dad George Moye (aka Dr. Funk), and brothers T-Why and Junebug.

Rock and Roll hall of Fame 25th aniversary

December 1st, 2009

Did you guys catch the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 25 year anniversary? I loved it. It’s so cool how all the artist genuinely love each other. Bruce Springsteen and Darlene love, Metallica to Lou Reed. I loved it. Jeff Beck You rock my world.  I loved the “Foxey Lady” sssssmokin, with Billy from ZZtop. Your band is always in top tear shape. Tal I’m a big fan, I loved the way you hear the bass lines when Jeff is doing his thing.  Stevie Wonder–speechless. I teared up when you did the Michael Jackson tribute. For some reason when you started singing and you mentioned MJ, it was like it all hit you at that moment. The kind of hit that is not just the world will be missing an Icon, but the kind that said. “I’m missing my friend.” Aunt ReRe, What can I say? Your voice heals people. You’re the Queen! Simon & Garfunkel. I really really enjoyed your performance. GREAT songs, I wish I could write like that!!!

I learned a lot last night. I also learned that I’m so excited to be apart of the music scene. I would like to thank the Rock and Roll Hall Fame for allowing me to be apart of history as well. I performed at the Cleveland Rock Hall this past June, with the Rock hall turning the Rock and Soul, (which is black music and its influence on rock) Day into a tribute to the greatest entertainer in the world– Michael Jackson. It was surreal, I discovered so many of the greats in Lorain, and now one of my dreams was to perform at the Rock Hall. My career is just beginning, but like all musicians, it’s good to visualize, feel it, breathe it. Ultimately, it would be kool to have something set in stone of your musical contributions to the world. Thanks to all the entertainers before me.Thanks for giving me a reason to believe!! Missing you everyday, MJ.



Malina Moye- spread the word!!!

November 18th, 2009

Hello everyone,

Hope you are ready for the holiday season. I AM Not. We have been soooooooooo busy. I get so many emails of people asking how they can help spread the word on Malina Moye. We’ll here it is… leave your comments on in videos pertaining to yours truly. Subscribe to my youtube page. If your really a Malina Moye follower stay up to date with me everyday by following me on twitter. Also leave comments on amazon and itunes as Always tell a friend. A lot of great things coming in first quarter. OMG  Dont 4get I’m soo excited for NAMM. Who’s going?????oh I found this page this is when i was on  my London promo tour doing the Stratmaster documentary. Here it is.  that was sooooo kool

Happy turkey day

NYC Go-Sees, Fashion Week, Private Performances–Oh My!

September 28th, 2009


I need to really catch my breath. We have been going and going and going. Just got back from NYC where i had a great time. First off big shout out to MBK Entertainment in NYC!! It was fabulous and great to meet all of you! I then went to the Grammy Chapters on the east to do a meet and greet. You know I’m a new voting member now. Soo excited. So I  wouldn’t be me without saying “For your consideration, please listen to my Diamonds & Guitars record in the R&B categories” while I’m writing this. Then we headed to Philly.

Notes on Front row Fashion week. Amazing. I love Tory Burch, and I was so sad I didn’t get a chance to do the Maggie Colombe trunk show in NYC. Next time. I also went to Elle magazine. If you know me, you know I was sooo excited–I love Elle. So to be in the building meeting the editors and sharing my new record was huge. I also did a photo shoot for a big magazine that I promise to reveal in the coming months. It was shot by Mary Grace McKernan.

I also want to thank my friend Brando who died suddenly after he introduced me to some great people. It’s because of you Brando that we had an incredible time at Mandalay Bay with Green Day. You will be missed–your smile, energy and infectious spirit. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Malina Moye, Mike Dirnt and Marc Fusco

Malina Moye, Green Day's Mike Dirnt, and WCE Records partner Marc Fusco

Also It was my birthday in Vegas so I have to give a shot out to Freeds Bakery (thank you Max!) for making my beautiful cake. They presented it to me at my favorite place Planet Hollywood. They invited my entire family in for a nice dinner. U Rock!!!!

Malina and her B-day cake from Freeds Bakery, Las Vegas

Malina and her B-day cake from Freeds Bakery, Las Vegas

I had sooo much fun and thanks to Las Vegas Bouquet. They presented me with a dozen red roses for the release of the record. Thanks.. Big shout out to Fox 5 vegas had a blast. See you guys next time. Until then love each other. Here is a picture of me and the massive cake.

Oh, I have a lot of video footage as well. I forgot to mention MTV video awards.  Bet, I look forward to coming to the office on my next visit. WE had soooo much going on and with all the confusion. I will be there next trip, cant wait. Thanks for the support.